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Since 2003, Kingsview Realty has found housing for tens of thousands of visitors and expatriates in Shanghai. Known for its full and efficient service, Kingsview stands for and guarantees high quality service. Providing Shanghai apartments, villas and houses for rent, Kingsview Realty will help expats find their ideal rental homes in Shanghai, both quicker and easier with the best service guaranteed.We have a comprehensive amount of data on all of Shanghai’s housing related aspects, from region, room type, price and more to give you the best possible selection according to your needs. All the photos of the houses are taken by our own staff on the spot to ensure authenticity. So when using our website you do not even have to leave the comfort of your current home to view your future home.

Best properties

Kingsview has over ten of thousands of available housings in our database, each updated daily and double checked for information accuracy and authenticity.

Complete checking

Kingsview professional engineers will carry out inspections of 140 items on each property to ensure the home is ready.

Professional level

Kingsview consultants have almost double the industry average level of experience and are highly-trained and skilled in handling all aspects of house search.

Personalized customization

Kingsview will do its utmost to find appropriate housing that not only fit your requirements and budget, but also to save you valuable time in your search for the most perfect and comfortable home.

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